Austro-Hungarian rifles of World War I


27 December 2012
imports_MIL_rumanian.03_59458.jpg Austro-Hungarian rifles of World War I
Additional images and specification tables for Part 2 of Paul Scarlata's article on the Austro-Hungarian rifles of the First World War, published in The Armourer January/February 2013 issue. ...
Austro-Hungarian rifles of World War I Images

As promised in the January/February issue of The Armourer, below you will find the rifle specification tables and additional images for Paul Scarlata's article on the Austro-Hungaruan rifles of World War I. Images are copyright Paul Scarlata, James Walters and Nathan Reynolds.

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russian berdan rifleberthier rifle 







Captions, from top to bottom:

The Austro-Hungarian army used numbers of captured Russian Berdan rifles, the 10.67mm M.1871 (russisches) Gewehr.

The Austro-Hungarian army reportedly used some captured French Mle. 07/15 Berthier rifles as the 8mm M.86/93 (französische) Repetiergewehr (Erzeugung M.15).

Austrian soldiers pile up captured Italian rifles.

Soldier of the Tiroler Landesschutzen firing a 7.92mm M.13 (deutsches M.88) Repetiergewehr.

Austrian alpine troops were partial to the German supplied 7.92mm deutscher Karabiner M.88.

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Apparently small numbers of the French Lebel were used by the Austrians as the 8mm M.86/93 (französische) Repetiergewehr (Lebelgewehr).

Kaiser Karl I inspecting a Landesschutzen unit armed with the 7mm M.14 Repetiergewehr.

Two members of the Cisleithanischen Gendarmerie. The gendarme on the left is armed with a Repetier-Stutzen M.95 while is comrade on the right has a 7.62mm M.91 (russisches) Repetiergewehr.

Austro-Hungarian soldiers armed with 6.5mm M.93 (rumänisches) Repetiergewehrs firing on Russian forces in the Carpathian mountains.

Troops of Gen. Josef Pulsukski’s Polish Legion armed with the 6.5mm M.03/14 (griechische) Repetiergewehr.

An Austrian officer sniping at the Russians with a Mannlicher- Schönauer sporting carbine.

The Serbian M.99 Mauser was issued as the 7mm M.14 (serbisches) Repetiergewehr (M.99).

Small numbers of British No. 1 Lee-Enfields were used as the 7.7mm M.95 (englisches) Repetiergewehr.

The Albanian Legion was also equipped with some 7.65mm M.1910 (türkisches) Repetiergewehre.

The Austrians captured numbers of Type 30 Arisakas from the Russians and issued them as the 6.5mm M.97 (japanische) Repetiergewehr.

An Austrian officer demonstrating a captured Italian Mo. 1915 Villar-Perosa submachine gun for the Kaiser Karl I.



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