Fundraising efforts for new exhibition at Royal Navy Museum


12 January 2017
women-in-navy-33522.jpeg Once funding is secured, the exhibition will be on in February
The National Museum of the Royal Navy is asking for donations in order to put on a new exhibition called Pioneers to Professionals: Women and the Navy Exhibition

The Royal Navy Museum is on a fundraising drive in order to put on a new exhibition, due to open in February at the museum in Portsmouth. This exhibition, held in the centenary year of the formation of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS), charts the history of women and the Royal Navy.  It will uncover some of the lesser-known stories of women dating back to the age of sail when their contribution was disguised or unofficial, to the pioneers who strove to achieve official recognition for women, leading to the establishment of a Naval Nursing Service in 1884, renamed the QARNNS in 1903 and the WRNS in 1917.

The exhibition will highlight their work through the First and Second World Wars to the creation of a permanent Women’s Royal Naval Service in 1949 to the integration of both the QARRNS and the WRNS within the Royal Navy.  The exhibition ends with a look the further advances women have made since integrating with the Royal Navy. These include joining Royal Marine Band Service, submarines and taking on higher roles of command as well as the recent announcement allowing women in front line, close combat roles, which opens the possibility of women joining RM commandos.

You can make a donation or find out more here.

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