Get your militaria insured with new product from Hiscox


22 March 2017
Hiscox-99637.png New insurance for your militaria from Hiscox
Bespoke art insurance specialist, Hiscox Collections, is rolling out a new product to provide arms and armour collectors with quick and easy cover.

Launched just three years ago, Hiscox Collections is best known for crafting specialist policies to cover art, books, clocks, dolls and toys, furniture, sporting memorabilia and stamps. Due to a rise in enquiries from customers and collectors, the firm is now offering a bespoke new arms and armour insurance product.

Robert Read, Head of Art and Private Clients at Hiscox said, “Hiscox Collections combines the passion and knowledge of the collector, with the practicality and grounding of an insurer, resulting in policies that provide peace of mind while saving time and money. This bespoke, art-driven approach is creating huge demand among collectors in every imaginable niche so we are thrilled to be launching a new product for arms and armour enthusiasts.”

Hiscox Collections has a simple, self-valuing digital policy that calculates the premium automatically and allows for a 10% increase in the size and value of the collection without penalty.

Robert continued, “A huge amount of UK art is covered by home and contents insurers who are not only unfamiliar with the complex world of art – but see collections as a potential liability and thus over-insure and over-charge policy holders. In the eventuality of a claim, this lack of art knowledge provides further frustration to the knowledgeable claimant at all turns, as the claim process hinges on expert third party advice. Here at Hiscox Collections, we are only interested in insuring valuables or collectibles – whatever the niche or specialty, so I would encourage anybody seeking bespoke insurance for arms or armour to get in touch with us for a quote today.”

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