Miniature Edged Weapons of the Third Reich


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01 March 2010
imports_MIL_armyminiaturedaggersof_52180.gif Army miniature daggers of the Third Reich
One of the most popular fields in edged weapons is collecting those produced in the Solingen factories of Hitler’s Germany during the 1930s and early 1940s – Nazi daggers and swords. ...
Miniature Edged Weapons of the Third Reich Images

However, like many other countries, the edged weapons companies also made smaller, very detailed versions of the standard production daggers.

Miniature daggers and swords were produced in Germany for many years prior to WW1 and WW2. Used by manufacturers to display their craftsmanship (in miniature, until the Third Reich period, they were mainly limited to a few swords, the odd navy dagger and miniature bayonets.

Luftwaffe Sword and RAD miniature dagger

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Boom in Third Reich dress sidearms

With the explosion of the dagger industry in the early 1930s, when the Solingen sales machine managed to persuade Hitler’s Germany that virtually every military, political or quasi-civilian organisation needed a dress sidearm of some description, it was only natural that a boom in the type, quantity (and sometimes quality) of miniature pieces, followed the increased production of the larger varieties.

Main types of Third Reich Miniature edged weapons

There are three main types of miniature edged weapons produced.
DAGGERS – usually in the 7½” variety/size
SWORDS – few and far between and usually 7 – 9” long.
BAYONETS – seem to always be based on the Mauser K98, and miniatures of these abound, from the very crude, to the highly detailed, complete with working parts.

By far the most common miniature is the 7½” Army Officers Dagger. Again these have been produced from the very crude - one piece items, with poor quality blades, metal and painted grips to perfect representations, identical to their larger counterparts in every way.

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