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Model army marches into Sheffield


John Morgan of Sheffield Auction Gallery recounts how he came across an unexpected consignment of soldiers, “It was late spring this year when I was asked to view the contents of a modest three story house and from the moment I opened the door I knew this was not the conventional fare.

"The gentlemen concerned had some serious collecting habits one of which was model and toy figures, predominantly from the early 20 century, right up to modern times. It is very difficult to say how many because of the style of lifetime collector he appears to have been. There could have been 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and maybe more, with the majority as loose examples, not boxed, from common examples to the extremely rare. There was a catalogue, sorting system and reference book collection that showed a real insight into the subject. On display, in storage, in display drawers they were all over the house, sat alongside other collections including toy forts, all fascinating and initially very overwhelming.”

With such a diverse and eclectic collection it is almost impossible to describe its content. There were metal and plastic composition; military, civilian, animal; with so many rarities with makers from the fine work of Courteney to Kentoy plastic AA figures and AA boxes. The prices ranges from £10 to hundreds of pounds and lots from single figures to many hundreds of figures, making this one auction well worth detailed inspection. 

The collection has been split into three parts commencing 19 October 2017 with Toy metal and plastic figures being sold in Sheffield Auction Gallery’s Fine Figure Auction. Modern Britain and similar plus white metal will be offered in forthcoming Military auctions. More details at www.sheffieldauctiongallery.com.


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