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29 October 2014
imports_MIL_index-1-_76747.jpg New book release from DK UK
History of the World IN 1,000 OBJECTS ...
New book release from DK UK Images

History of the World in 1,000 objects

The Armourer & Classic Arms & Militaria magazines have teamed up with DK UK to give two lucky readers the chance to win a copy of History of the World in 1000 objects, click here to enter.
The closing date is 30th December.

‘Collected together in this book, objects from all periods generate a striking impression of the overarching shape of human history and its development from stone tools to space?ight. They also take us on a breathtaking journey through the ever-varying stage of human adventure’ RG Grant.

Published by DK this autumn, History of the World in 1,000 Objects looks at world history from a new perspective, viewing cultures and early civilizations through the objects they created.

One thing that defines humans is our talent for making things, from everyday objects to inventions that changed the world. From a Viking wooden comb to a 1950s fridge-freezer, objects speak volumes about civilizations, telling us how our ancestors lived as well as what they believed and valued. DK uses its hallmark visual approach to weave the extraordinary legacy of our creativity into a unique view of world history.

Revealing every aspect of human life, objects from each culture are grouped under key themes, from art to the history of technology. Together, they build a story that gives real insight into the civilization. The accessible visual approach to history also makes it easy to compare how people lived at different times and in different parts of the world. The objects, from swords and spears to astrolabes and maritime atlases, are showcased through specially commissioned photography from around the world.
History of World in 1,000 Objects celebrates our extraordinary legacy of creativity.

Price: £25 | ISBN: 9781409354666

If your not lucky enough to win a copy you can buy yours from DK UK click here for more information.

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