The Armourer, June issue, on sale now


09 May 2017
North-West-Frontier-medals-09890.jpg Medals ahoy in India
The June issue of The Armourer is out and in the shops. Go get your copy today.
The Armourer, June issue, on sale now Images

The June issue of The Armourer is now on sale. This month the cover feature is The Battle of Naseby, the pivotal point in the English Civil War where the power of the King was broken and that of Parliament was sealed.

We have features on the battle itself and then on collecting the firearms, edged weapons, breastplates and armour today. It's not all classic arms though, we look at the Fallschirmjäger, leaders of men - the commanders in charge of crack German paratroopers. There's incredible action in Carnage at Néry, story of heroism revealed after a lucky auction win, and we drape the Iron Curtain over Europe to report on the Badges of the East German army. There's medal action on the north west frontier of India, a guide to British army WWII webbing, a feature on the development of Australian SMGs and a guide to collecting documents, magazines and photos. We also go behind the gun with the inventor of many firearms - Hotchkiss. And just because we can, there's a cheeky feature on the Sopwith Triplane.

Add in your usual battlefield tours, auction sales and militaria news, items for sale and a look at the National Army Museum, and you've got a fantastic mix of militaria to keep you happy until next month.

It's on sale now, in both print and digital formats. You can order it directly from here.

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