The Armourer, May issue, now on sale


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04 April 2017
May_Cover_lo-36624.jpg This is the new issue, now on sale
The latest issue of the new-look Armourer magazine has hit the shelves.

The May issue of The Armourer is now on sale, in print and digital formats. Go to to order.

Meanwhile, here's what's inside:
Falklands Conflict 35th anniversary – Collect the small arms, medals, uniforms and equipment from the South Atlantic conflict
Collecting on a budget – how to get started in collecting when cash is tight
Awards of the Third Reich – the most popular medals and badges of the German regime
New Zealand Peace Stamps – celebrate the end of WWII with a collection of stamps issued across the empire
The Mercantile Medal – awarded to merchant seamen braving the elements, mines and U-boats
Tragedy in the Adriatic – how one trawler crew was awarded the Mercantile medal but went to a watery grave
PLUS Classic Arms:
18th Century buttcaps – the bizarre ornaments on British pistols
Blowpipe bayonets – how an indigenous population faced the British empire
Remington 14 rifle – the most unique American hunting weapon
Quarterstaffs – the ultimate medieval weapon could be used by anyone
The men behind the gun – Arthur Savage and his rifle company
A visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum
Visiting the battlefields of the South Atlantic
All your auction previews and sale news
Militaria for sale – bargains from the internet
Stratford Militaria Fair – what was on the tables
Events and Auctions Diaries – what’s coming up
My Militaria – A Danish collector shows off his medal collection
And more besides, plus your chance to win some great military history books.
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