The Armourer wants to hear from you


16 January 2017
letters-artwork-83056.jpeg Write to the Armourer to discuss your militaria collecting hobby or what you want to see in the magazine
The Letters page of The Armourer wants your feedback.

The Armourer and Classic Arms & Militaria are going to be merged to become one, monthly magazine. As well as being bigger, the new magazine will have more interactive features, a new design, and a specific theme each month.

Alas you can't see what the new Armourer, incorporating Classic Arms & Militaria, is like until 1 March when it goes on sale. However, what the magazine does want is your opinions, stories or questions about military history and collecting. So, whether it's a question about a medal group, a story about a great find at an antiques fair, a list of features you want to see in the magazine, a book recommendation or a visit to a great museum or site, we want to hear about it.

Please email  your letters and stories to The Armourer - [email protected]

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