The world history of war


27 September 2017
War-in-100-events_lo-res-00499.jpg The story of war across the ages told in 100 key events
A new book from Martin van Creveld reveals the entire history of war, from 10,000 BC to the present day.

How did we get from clubs and spears to machine guns and drone missiles? In his new book, military historian Martin van Creveld has compiled a concise guide to the history of war in 100 key events, from 10,000 BC to the present day.

It includes battles in the Stone Age, Vikings raids, medieval conflicts, revolutionary wars, the Napoleonic wars, the world wars, the Iraq war and the role of women in war.

With intriguing facts and a worldwide range, War in 100 Events is an immensely entertaining volume for military buffs and laymen alike.

The book costs £12.99 from The History Press. More details on

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