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WIN a copy of World War II Infographics

It’s one of the best books we’ve seen this year and while it doesn’t contain a single photograph, it’s an absolute visual feast. How so, you might ask? Because this is the story of WWII, from economics and politics, to battles, armament and casualties, all told in the format of infographics. This is a method of breaking down complex statistics into visually easy to understand charts, graphics and icons. It’s like business presentations of days gone by, with pie charts and graphs, but transformed into something you want to look at and read, rather than pull a sicky to get out of. 

So, if you wanted to see exactly how the Battle of the Atlantic progressed, check out the ship building and ship loss rates over the entire six year period – until 1943 ships were being sunk by the U-boat menace faster than the Allies could build them. Or, how about the casualties rates on D-Day, which showed that while the USA suffered the most casualties of all the beaches on Omaha, it also had the fewest casualties on Utah beach. One aspect that is rarely covered is the economic impact of WWII but here we can see that the USA and UK spent a higher percentage of their GDP on military spending than Germany, with WWII being the most expensive conflict ever. Average calorie consumption shows the French and Italians were virtually starving in 1946 and only American grain supplies prevented a European-wide catastrophe.


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Closing date: 05/09/2019

Q. The Americans landed 57,250 but roughly how many men did Britain and Canada land on the D-Day beaches in total?

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