Aero given the boot


The Aeroboot sale for the end of September has been cancelled The Aeroboot sale for the end of September has been cancelled

The Newark Air Museum has taken the decision to cancel the Aeroboot/Aerojumble Sale that was due to take place on its Southfield Site on Saturday, 26 September, 2020.

This decision has been reached following some detailed in-house discussions; and in response to the legislation changes announced recently by the government, who were responding to the increased levels of coronavirus infection around the UK.
The Air Museum had delayed sending out the participation passes to sellers as it tried to design a one-way system around the proposed sale. This was aimed at trying to encourage social distancing, but allowed people to access all sellers fairly. Based on observations at previous outdoor sales, Newark recognised that this was going to be challenging. One possible solution was that it may have been forced to request sellers did not put up gazebos and awnings; something that was not ideal for an outdoor sale of this type in Autumn.
Newark Air Museum was planning to use a voluntary listing system to meet its Track and Trace obligations for sellers and buyers attending the sale. However, the recent changes to the Track and Trace legislation, meant that as event organisers Newark Air Museum would now have a legal obligation to record everyone’s information, or risk a fine. Given the outdoor nature of the event and the challenges of capturing the required information without creating unduly long queues, it was realised this was not going to be a viable option.
Furthermore, a review of the locations that some sellers were travelling from indicated that they were likely to be travelling from areas of the country that were already subject to additional coronavirus restrictions already. As such the trustees felt uncomfortable encouraging people to meet up at a special event.
The decision to cancel, was not taken lightly and the Air Museum did appreciate that this could upset some people. However, many sellers and buyers often travel long distances to attend the event and the Museum was felt necessary to give these people as much notice as possible of its intentions.


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