Army Flying Museum Lockdown lectures


05 November 2020
Army Flying Museum to host online lectures Army Flying Museum to host online lectures
Landmarc Support Services is sponsoring a series of online lectures from the Army Flying Museum, to support to its presentations on the history of British military aviation.

The Army Flying Museum in Hampshire holds an extensive collection charting over 100 years of the British Army in the air. With over 35 fixed wing and rotary aircraft on display, the Museum is the perfect place to explore the fascinating history of army aviation. With the impact of Covid-19 and the subsequent national lockdown in March and now November, the Museum could not open for visitors and therefore had to be creative in its offering to those who still wanted to learn more about British military aviation, from the safety of their homes.
As a result, the Museum decided to run a series of mini lectures, available online, with a live Q&A at the end of each 10 minute presentation. Initial topics included talks on Operation AGILA and Intelligence Failures of the Battle of Britain, moving on to presentations on air support during the Falklands conflict and the story behind the Spitfire Fund in Series 2.
The lectures were such a success that the Museum is now moving onto Series 3, with support from Landmarc, which manages the UK Defence Training Estate in partnership with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).
Mark Neill, Managing Director at Landmarc said, “We recognise the huge impact that Covid-19 and consequent restrictions have had on military museums across the country. That’s why we wanted to lend our support to the Army Flying Museum and sponsor its online lectures, to open up these invaluable talks to a global audience.”
Paul Beaver, Trustee of the Army Flying Museum, added, “We have been astonished by the amount of people tuning into our Lockdown Lectures series. Viewers have been logging on in their hundreds in order to learn more about the history of military aviation, and we are extremely grateful to Landmarc for helping support our cause.”
For further information on the Army Flying Museum and its series of Lockdown Lectures, please visit Army Flying Museum.
The next lecture will take place on Monday 9 November and feature Operation AGILA, presented by Bob Thorpe and Sean Bonner. It will focus on 656 Squadron’s remarkable achievement as part of the Commonwealth Monitoring Force (CMF) providing a lifeline to the British and Commonwealth troops on the ground. To watch, please click here.



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