Bolton Castle Spring and Summer events


11 May 2023
Knight ready in armour at Bolton Castle (c) Gareth Buddo Knight ready in armour at Bolton Castle (c) Gareth Buddo
The medieval castle in North Yorkshire has released its plans for upcoming events.

Originally built as one of the finest and most luxurious homes in the land, Bolton Castle bears the scars of over 600 years of fascinating history.  Still in the private ownership of Lord Bolton, the direct descendant of the castle’s original owner Sir Richard le Scrope, the castle provides a programme of events throughout the open season, great for history buffs and those who just enjoy fresh air and glorious views. The castle, gardens and tea room are fully open from 18 March to 29 October 2023. Falconry displays take place every day and are free with entry. Tickets cost £12.50 per adult, £9 per child and £48 family for castle and gardens. Visitors are encouraged to book their tickets ahead via the website or on the Castle’s app.
Events are free with entry unless otherwise stated and take place from 10am to 5pm in-line with the garden and castle opening times.

Blue Sky Outdoor Cinema
Bank Holiday Weekend: Friday 26 May, Saturday 27 May and Sunday 28 May
Bolton Castle is a fantastic place to watch an outdoor movie. Films start at 5pm or 5.30pm with a second film showing afterwards on three nights across the Bank Holiday weekend. Friday 26 May at 5pm is the renowned Grease Sing-A-Long, followed by this year's big winner Elvis from 7pm. Saturday 27 May is Dirty Dancing at 5pm, followed at 7.30pm with Mama Mia Sing-A-Long and Sunday 28 May is 5.30pm Top Gun and 7.30pm Top Gun Maverick. All great movies al fresco. Tickets cost £15pp or £17.50pp with a deck chair.  You can watch the second movie for just £2.50pp. See the website to book tickets.

Living History Weekend - Lord Scrope’s Tudor Household    
Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May, 10am to 5pm (free with entry).
Come and meet the Tudor household of Lord Scrope. Find out about their daily lives and some of the great changes that affected them; join in with some of their activities and see how well you would have fared as a Tudor. Learn more about one of the most famous of the castle’s guests, Mary Queen of Scots, and how she spent her time during her six months of captivity here. Enjoy the sights and smells of a Tudor kitchen at work; train as a member of the local militia; met the brewer; make a candle or follow the tour that covers five floors of the castle.

Living History Weekend – Civil War Arrives at the Castle
Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June, 10am to 5pm (free with entry).
The castle and gardens teem with soldiers readying themselves for battle.  The Living History soldiers are keen to show our visitors just how it’s done, and there’s a chance to have a go yourself. Battles run on stomachs, and castle’s servants will ensure the army has everything it needs. Talk with our lovely approachable historians, see how just how heavy those weapons really are and learn through fun. You can also enjoy a tour of the castle to see exactly where everything happened.

Captain Savile’s Re-enactment Weekend
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June, 10am to 5pm (free with entry).
Just how did Captain Savile manage his men and a castle to boot! Enjoy combat trials, archery and falconry, and some brilliant 15th century leisure activities to keep the household amused and engaged. It’s a chance to have a sneak peek into the Captain’s castle as it would have been, with the castle and gardens full of colour, activity and the sounds of battle!

Bolton Castle 12 Hour Lockdown Ghost Hunt
Friday 23 to Saturday 24 June, 8pm to 8am, £59 Per Person adults only
This is a Ghost Hunt to remember! This is your chance to become an investigator for the night. Gain knowledge all about ghost hunting and the techniques and equipment used to embolden paranormal activity. Study a wide range of specialised ghost hunting equipment for you to use throughout the night as you become the Investigator. We also work on building our senses through the night and you can participate in old school original methods of contacting spirits which include Seances, Ouija boards, table tipping and human pendulum, Scrying and glass divination which are the more traditional ghost hunting techniques.

Blue Sky Outdoor Cinema
Friday 28 July & Saturday 29 July & Sunday 30 July, 9pm to 11pm
See the website to book tickets. As soon as the film is confirmed, details will be added to the website.

Lord Scrope’s Household: Tudor Life in a Castle Weekend
Saturday 28 July & Sunday 29 July, 10am to 5pm (free with entry).
A fascinating insight into life in a castle with Lord Scrope’s household. Not a time for idle hands, it’s all hands on deck to ensure Tudor life at the castle runs smoothly especially when his Lordship is home. Join us, have a go, find out through fun and facts, and leave appreciating just how easy 21st century life is now in comparison!

An Audience with Mary Queen of Scots
Tuesday 1 August, 6.45 to 8pm £13pp
Wednesday 2 August & Thursday 3 August 11am to 5pm (free with entry).
Back by popular demand, families can come and meet Mary Queen of Scots as Lord and Lady Scrope prepare for her arrival at Bolton Castle. An interactive session for all ages. The execution of Mary Queen of the Scots on the 8 February 1587 shocked Europe to the core and gave rise to an oft-maligned Queen but an instantly recognisable figure, adored by many to this day. Jane Collier of the Marie Stuart Society and re-enactor with Discover Buxton, will give you an intimate view of this gifted, charming, fun loving and intensely loyal Queen, her stay at Bolton Castle still a time of hope for her, and her descent into despair during her 19 years of illegal imprisonment before the inevitable tragic end.

The Handlebards – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Friday 4 August, from 6pm
Join the acclaimed theatre company, The HandleBards at Bolton Castle, for a hilarious, high-octane production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Four young lovers find themselves lost in a magical forest, where the Fairy King and Queen are fighting for the possession of a changeling boy. A group of amateur actors head to the same forest to rehearse for a play. Humans and fairies collide and hilarity ensue. Tickets cost £19.50 each and are available through the website. This is an outdoor play so please bring a deckchair (if desired), picnic and wet weather clothing just in case!

Living History Weekend – Tudor Times
Saturday 12 August & Sunday 13 August (free with entry).
One of the most popular weekends, this year, we’re welcoming Mary Queen of Scots as well to bring history alive and provide a taste of Tudor life at a key moment in our country’s history. The living historians are on site to help you discover more about the life and times of, arguably, Bolton Castle’s most famous resident, Mary Queen of Scots. Come and see the rooms where she spent the six months of her captivity. There is also a castle tour at 12.30pm. Free with Entry.

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