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21 June 2021
Hermann Historica launches new scheme to make delivery of firearms from the EU to the UK affordable.

Brexit has brought a number of changes for exporters and importers alike. Firearms have been particularly impacted as the usual carriers (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, OxLogistics) no longer transport firearms of any kind or age, be they matchlocks, flintlocks, or UZI sub-machine guns, across EU borders. Thus airfreight is the only alternative, but this comes at a price tag that is only worthwhile for large shipments.

European auction house Hermann Historica has announced a scheme to make importing weapons into the UK more affordable. The company explained how it would work in conjunction with its auctions: ‘Our partner in the UK is HML Freight, a company established two years ago and operated by people with many years experience in the transportation of firearms. At our request they will run a van to Germany approximately 6 weeks after the end of a gun auction (ie 1st or 2nd week of August for the June auction). If you miss paying your items on time, you can either wait for the next van or have transportation arranged by air cargo.

To cover the cost of transportation, export license, import license and customs clearance in Germany and the UK here is the pricing we propose. The cost given in the following table reflects cost per firearm:

German license required
For the first gun: €110
For 2 to 5 guns: €80
For 6 to 15 guns: €60
For 16 guns or more: €35

No German license required, for weapons such as match/wheel/flintlocks, single shot percussion, needle fire

For the first gun: €95
For 2 to 5 guns: €65
For 6 to 15 guns: €40
For 16 guns or more: €30

The variable factor on top is transport insurance of 1% of the total invoice value of your purchases. All of the above will be invoiced to you through Hermann Historica.

HML Freight will invoice to you the following variable costs prior to UK arrival:
* UK VAT (5% for antiques and collectibles, 20% for modern items under 100 years old)
* Cost of proofing and import marking, if required for a particular gun
* Local parcel postage fees/Section 5 carriage/delivery to door (or RFD of choice) from HML Freight to final destination

The important things to note are:
1. VAT, UK marking and proofing (if any) and local transport to be invoiced separately by HML Freight
2. No individual transportation, but collective freight by dedicated van after the June auction
3. Expected delivery to you still within August (provided the Germans are quick enough in issuing the export license)

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We think that this scheme will replace the uncertainty and unpredictability of freight rates caused by the extreme fluctuation in transport cost, thanks to Covid, and offer a more than acceptable rate, especially for those wanting to buy only one, two or three guns, as the current entry level through air freight lies beyond €600 Euros for even just one gun.’



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