D-Day commemorations in Normandy


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, there are a number of walks, tours, rallies and ceremonies being held in Normandy. Here’s what is on, on a day-by-day basis.

Sunday, 2 June
Guided tour, Bény-sur-Mer (Calvados) at 5pm. This is a guided tour telling the story of D-Day for children and adults, starting from the cemetery. Free. Info: +33 (0) 664 74 26 69 or visitescoeurhistoire@laposte.net.
Guided tour, Courseulles-sur-Mer (Calvados) at 3pm. The story of the landings, as told by the Tourist Office. Price is €5, under 12s are free. Info: +33 (0) 664 74  26 69 – visitescoeurhistoire@laposte.net.
Historical hike, Gonneville-en-Auge (Calvados) at 9.30am. Take the Walk of Heroes. Price €12. Reservations via direction@batterie-merville.com.
Harley Davidson rally, Sainte-Mère-Eglise (Manche) at 9.30am. Presentation of more than 60 military motorbikes from the 1940s, returning around 5pm. Info: +33 (0) 233 41 31 18.
15km hike, Sainte Marie du Mont (Manche) – Utah Beach at 9am. Hike with commented stops at Utah Beach and Sainte Marie du Mont, open to re-enactors and civilians. Info: +33 (0) 233 71 53 35.
Press room, Vouilly (Calvados) from 2-4pm. Visit to the press room of the American war reporters at the castle of Vouilly. Info: + 33(0) 231 21 46 00.

Tuesday, 4 June
American Football game, Carentan-les-Marais (Manche) at 10am. Commemorative American Football game with players from the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions, at the Carentan stadium.
Ceremony, Picauville (Manche) at 10am. Ceremony at the USAAF monument. Info: +33 (0) 233 41 00 18.
Film, Saint-Côme-du-Mont (Manche) at 8pm. First public showing of The Girl Who Wore Freedom at the D-Day Experience Museum.

Wednesday, 5 June
Ceremony, Amfreville (Manche) – Rue du Moulin at 11.30am. Ceremony with the 507th (US) Parachute Infantry Regiment, followed by a parachuting of US forces, subject to weather conditions. Info: +33 (0) 233 41 00 18.
Concert, Asnelles (Calvados) at 8.30pm. Evening concert by the Orphéon of Bayeux, place Mosnier, with arias and songs from the 1940s. Info: +33 (0) 231 22 35 43.
Reception, Bénouville (Calvados) at 6pm. Reception of British vets. Info: +33 (0) 231 44 62 01.
Series of events, Carentan-les-Marais (Manche). Events include parachute jump near Purple Heart Lane at 11.30am, ceremony at Carré de Choux with American vets at 4.30pm, ceremony at the Signal monument at 5.30pm, military parade to the port at 6pm, concert by Nick Aaron (from Band of Brothers) at the port of Plaisance at 9.30pm and finally, fireworks in the harbour at 11.30pm.
Various events, Colleville-sur-Mer (Calvados). These include a ceremony at the column of the 1st Infantry Division (in the extension of the American cemetery) at 5.30pm, open air screening of Saving Private Ryan at 8pm, fireworks at 11pm.
Concert, Lion-sur-Mer (Calvados) at 6.30pm. Traditional British musical concert, in front of the Town Hall.
Various events, Ouistreham (Calvados). Including wreath laying ceremony at the war memorial at 2.30pm; tribute to the victims and British/French commandos in the civil cemetery at 2.45pm; wreath laying at Winston Churchill avenue at 3.15pm; wreath laying at La Rafale, Pasteur avenue at 3.30pm; wreath laying at Miritime Station, vets welcome at the Grand Bunker Musuem, at 4pm; ceremony at the stele, roundabout of Saint-Aubin d’Arquenay Road, at 4.30pm.
Two events, Ranville (Calvados). Includes ceremony at Pegasus Memorial Museum at 11am, info: (0) 231 78 76 08; parachute drop of re-enactors in WWII uniform from Douglas C-47s, at 4pm.
Ceremony, Ranville (Calvados) at 4pm. Ceremony at the Canadian War Cemetary.

Thursday, 6 June. D-Day
Two events, Arromanches-les-Bains (Calvados). Parade of vintage vehicles in the city centre at 5pm, followed by a 1940s themed concert and fireworks at 9pm.
Hike, Asnelles (Calvados) at 8.45am. Historical hike of 20km to Port-en-Bessin in the footsteps of 47 Royal Marine Commando. Info: +33 (0) 231 21 92 33.
Various events, Bénouville (Calvados). Starts with a parade of the children of Bénouville putting flowers on British graves in the cemetery at 10.30am, info: +33 (0) 231 44 62 01; parade of vets at the Town Hall, Pegasus Bridge at 12.45pm; ceremony at Signal Monument, esplanade of Major Howard at 1pm; inauguration of the Pegasus Bridge: Peace Bridge between Peoples at 1.15pm; wreath laying at the 7th Para battalion stele at 2.15pm; wreath laying at Commando Monument No. 4 near Pegasus Bridge with vets, at 4pm.
Various events, Bernières-sur-Mer (Calvados). Commemorative ceremony at the Maison des Canadiens, 32 Promenade des Français, at 8am; ceremony at the monument of 288, route de Bény, at 9.30am; ceremony at the Canadian Monument, rue Queen’s own rifles of Canada, at 11.30am; commemorative ceremony at the Maison des Canadiens, 32 Promenade des Français, at 9pm.
Ceremony, Colleville-Montgomery (Calvados) at 11am. Franco-American ceremony at the military cemetery, in the presence of US President and France President. Info: dday75@abmc.gov. Registration: http://bit.ly/2IGdoHL.
Ceremony, Colleville-Montgomery (Calvados) at 4pm. Ceremony in honour of the French Kieffer commando, Norman Resisters and civilian victims, in the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron.
International ceremony, Courseulles-sur-Mer (Calvados) at 6pm. D-Day Ceremony, in the presence of Heads of State and Government, at the Juno Beach Center.
Ceremony, Langrune-sur-Mer (Calvados) at 6.30pm. Flag ceremony and parade in the city centre.
Various events, Ouistreham (Calvados). Wreath laying ceremony at the Commandos Memorial at 10.30am; inauguration of the statue of Commander Philippe Kieffer at the Commandos Memorial at 10.45am; traditional ceremony of the Lorient Marines School, on the beach at 11am.
Various events, Ranville (Calvados). Reception of veterans, speeches, national anthems and wreath laying in front of the commemorative plaque, at 9.30am, info: + 33 (0) 231 78 76 08; wreath laying at the monument to the French dead and the Belgian souvenir plaque at 11am; souvenir service at the British military cemetery, at 11.15am.
Ceremony, Saint-James (Manche) at 11am. Commemorative ceremony at the American military cemetery, in the presence of veterans.
Ceremonies, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont (Manche) – Utah Beach. Ceremony in honour of the tactical and strategic leaders of Operation Overlord at the Major Richard Winters Leadership monument, 913 provincial road to Utah Beach, at 8.45am; ceremony at the French-Danish monument, at 9.15am; ceremony near the Utah Beach museum, at 5am, info: +33 (0) 233 71 53 35.
Various events, Sainte-Mère-Eglise (Manche). Demonstration and commentary by re-enactors on the embarkation of paratroopers in period dress, church square at 2pm; ceremony at the stele of Alexandre Renaud, former Mayor of Sainte-Mère-Eglise, at 4pm; mass in the church at 4.30pm; ceremony at the monument of AVA, at 5.30pm; concert for peace at 8.30pm.
Franco-British ceremony, Ver-sur-Mer (Calvados) at 8.30am. Franco-British binational ceremony on the occasion of the inauguration of the British Normandy Memorial, in the presence of British Prime Minister and French President.


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