Dunkirk, from the German side


03 April 2019
Dunkirk - German Operations in France 1940 Dunkirk - German Operations in France 1940
Everyone knows the story of Dunkirk from the Allied perspective but a new translation offer a view from German side.

The story of Dunkirk is as timeless as the D-Day landings. With their backs to the sea and surrounded by the relentless German army, the combined forces of France, Belgium and Britain were seemingly doomed to destruction. On the cusp of complete victory, the Germans inexplicably decided to pause. This delay allowed more than 300,000 Allied soldiers to retreat across the English Channel, safe from the onslaught of the Wehrmacht.

While the miracle of Dunkirk has been immortalised from an Allied perspective, few know of the story from the other side of the battle. First written in 1958, Hans-Adolf Jacobsen’s seminal work provides a unique account of the Battle of Dunkirk through the eyes of the common German soldier and serves as the latest addition to the Die Wehrmacht im Kampf series. Translated into English for the first time, this book seeks to answer two tantalising questions: How the German army overwhelmed the Allies and why it chose to delay for four days.

Enhanced with a set of rich black and white diagrams and photos, this book provides a strategic look at the titular battle and offers rare insight into the tactics employed by Germany that ensured their success.

  • Casemate Publishers
  • ISBN 978-1-6120-0659-8
  • 264 pages. Hardback. £25


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