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It was a cold Spring morning, in April 1746, when the Government troops under the command of the Duke of Cumberland formed up in neat order to face the milling lines of Prince Charlie’s Jacobite army. It was a clash of the House of Hanover against the House of Stuart, to determine who would rule the country.

So, come with us, back to the cold, wet moors outside Inverness as we look at the battle, the bayonets and tactics of the Highland Charge, the Government uniforms and weapons.

If your taste runs to more modern militaria then we have a feast of features for you, starting with Nazi Gau badges. These were NSDAP awards, given to the rank and file for faithful service or attendance at rallies and marches. Other German militaria this month includes the Zeltbahn 31 – read the feature by Ian Carpenter to discover what it is and how to collect it. On the British side, Joshua Bilton explains the role of the RAF Police, while we also have a brace of nautical features with a look at the Wrens and X-Craft submarines respectively. Our WWI items include the formation of the Guards Division in 1915 and the astonishingly successful 8th Hussars cavalry charge.

Now, it’s often said that the first casualty of war is truth and that was certainly the case in 1943 when the Luftwaffe bombed the recently captured harbour of Bari in Italy. Unbeknownst to those running operations on the ground, one of the ships was carrying a cargo of deadly mustard gas, in preparation for use against the Germans in case they also launched a chemical weapon attack on Allied forces in Italy. The ship caught fire and the gas was released all over the harbour, poisoning Allied forces and civilians alike. The subsequent disaster was covered up by Churchill and the details suppressed until years later. We have the story and what associated collectables are around today.

Finally, if you’ve ever bought anything and realised that it could do with a little care and attention then we have a new series that should be of interest. This is a series of articles on repairing and restoring various types of militaria, starting with old and weathered leather.

The new issue is now on sale. Order your copy here.


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