GAF Jindivik arrives at Newark Air Museum


21 July 2021
A Gulf War target drone has arrived at the Nottinghamshire museum for public display.
GAF Jindivik arrives at Newark Air Museum Images

Earlier this year the trustees of Newark Air Museum advised they were taking ownership of GAF Jindivik, A92-708. They are now pleased to confirm that the Jindivik was collected from Aerospace Bristol at the end of June and delivered to the Gateway Aviation Site in eastern Nottinghamshire.
GAF Jindivik, A92-708 crash landed on its 125th flight on 20 August 1990, whilst being used for trials in the run up to the first Gulf War in Iraq 1991, for Operation Granby. After being stored at RAF Llanbedr, Gwynedd for a number of years, the airframe was acquired by the Bristol Aero Collection in 1997 and was moved to its site at Kemble, Gloucs. The Jindivik had recently been in store at Aerospace Bristol’s site at Patchway, Bristol and the collection of the exhibit was timed to take place after the easing of some Covid-19 guidelines across England.

As an Accredited Museum, the trustees of Newark Air Museum were able to facilitate the transfer of this exhibit in quite a simple manner. The trustees appreciate the assistance provided by Stefanie Vincent AMA, Collections Manager at Aerospace Bristol throughout the acquisition process.

Museum trustee Colin Savill commented, “We are extremely grateful to Aerospace Bristol for helping us to complete this latest acquisition. From its use a target drone the Jindivik lies within two of our collecting remits; it will also complement the museum’s UAV display. The UAV display was established as a collaborative exercise with the Institute of Engineering and Surveying and Space Geodesy (IESSG) at the University of Nottingham and the RAF Museum, Hendon.
“Firstly, it fits within our training collection where we have a considerable aircraft collection and other training aids. Secondly it complements our developing munitions display including Blue Steel, Yellow Sun, various missiles and bomb disposal equipment.”

He concluded, “Now it has arrived we plan to assemble the Jindivik and display it close to our entrance area. Our long-term aim is to be able to display it under cover. We are really pleased to have added this to our collection.”

Meanwhile, Newark Museum has released a photo of the Lockheed T-33A which is undergoing a repaint that is now nearing completion.

Newark Air Museum is an air museum located on a former Royal Air Force station at Winthorpe, near Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire, and is open 361 days of the year.


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