Historic arms at Hermann


The upcoming auction at Hermann Historica on 21-23 May, promises a wealth of weapons from the Orient.

Lovers of elegant rapiers and epées will have to make tough choices among a broad selection of highly desirable weapons, ranging from slender gallantry swords such as lot 2216 to the richly decorated deluxe rapiers such as lot 2192, a must for the high-end collector. Lot 2192 is a significant German rapier, c. 1620 and has a starting price of €45,000. Meanwhile, lot 1645 is an Ottoman silver-mounted, chiselled and gold inlaid, deluxe kilij with hangars, c.1808. Starting price is €25,000. Those who prefer to give authority to their arguments with a two-handed sword rather than a fine blade can choose from field-worthy battle swords (such as lot 2180), an elegant and no less impressive Flamberge (lot 2189) or even a monstrous processional sword, measuring over 2m from tip to pommel (lot 2178). Whether you prefer a Viking’s sword over an Italian Cinquedea, a Kilic over a Shamshir, a Koummya, Kinzal, Kandschar or Karud – you name it, the Arms & Armour auction has it.
The collector of more recent edged weapons can look forward to three centuries of sharp steel in all shapes and sizes, from all around the world, from bayonets to Bluecher swords, from Prussian infantry swords to Austrian Imperial navy daggers. Go to www.hermann-historica.de for details.


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