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23 January 2019
20150925-IMG_6712-61340.jpeg Coastal defences
Special interest holiday company Historical Trips has designed a new range of military history tours for 2019.
Historical Trips launches new range of military history tours Images

Following the success of its 2018 Operation Dynamo: Dunkirk tour, which saw three Dunkirk veterans join guests to share – with moving memories and humour – stories about their sometimes terrible experiences while they were awaiting rescue and revisit the very beaches where they dodged enemy fire, Historical Trips has reinstated the tour for 2019.

Again, a Dunkirk veteran will accompany the group, as will special guest Joshua Levine, historian and adviser to the award-winning director Christopher Nolan on his blockbuster, Dunkirk.

New for 2019 are a selection of war-based tours, such as The Holocaust: Berlin & Krakow, WWII on the Homefront: Secret Wartime Britain, Second World War in the Air: The Dam Busters, Jersey: Occupation & War Tunnels, and Women of the SOE. This is also a big year for military history, with the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, which Historical Trips has recognised in a tour departing in both August and then again in October.

Expert guides Colonel Paul Beaver, Roger Moorhouse, author of The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville, Clare Mulley, and John Peaty will lead this selection of tours, which start from just £995pp.

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D-Day & the Liberation – 75th anniversary of D-Day in 2019

  • 5 days
  • 19-23 August or 14-18 October, 2019
  • £1,595pp
  • Led by Colonel Paul Beaver, leading military and political historian, and member of the British Commission on Military history. He is also a Commissioned Officer in the Territorial Army and worked as a broadcaster, reporting for Sky during the Gulf War
  • Includes: A visit to Southwick House where the landings were planned, a visit to the D-Day Story in Portsmouth, a visit to the Pegasus Bridge and its Museum, time at Arromanches-les-Baines where guests learn about Mulberry Harbour and visit the Landings Museum, a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry and time to pay respects at the Bayeux War Cemetery, lunch with special guest Adrian Cox (a resident Arromanche historian) who will then join us again for a pre-dinner lecture, a visit to Omaha beach and the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum, the chance to get perspective of the scale of the operation at the Pointe du Hoc, a visit to Gold Beach, and time to discover Le Grand Bunker, also known as the Atlantic Wall Museum.
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/112/UnitedKingdom/D-Day--The-Liberation.html


Operation Dynamo: Dunkirk

  • 3 days
  • 14-16 May, 2019
  • £1,195pp
  • Led by Colonel Paul Beaver, Joshua Levine (bestselling author and adviser to Christopher Nolan on the blockbuster film, Dunkirk) and joined by a Dunkirk veteran
  • Includes: Tour of the museum at Fort des Dunes, a visit to Rommel’s Hill, time to explore the town of Cassel, a visit to Wormhoudt to pay respects at the site of the massacre, a visit to the Dunkirk Museum, a visit to Bray Dunes beaches, and lunch aboard the Princess Elizabeth, which was used in the rescue mission
  • Expert-led lectures along the way from both Colonel Paul Beaver and Joshua Levine, and the chance to hear first-hand stories from a Dunkirk Veteran in person
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/110/France/Operation-Dynamo-Dunkirk.html


The Face of Evil

  • 9 days
  • 18-26 May, 2019
  • £2,695pp
  • Led by Roger Moorhouse, a co-founder of Historical Trips and one of the world’s leading experts on both Nazi Germany and wartime Poland
  • Includes: Fascinating lectures throughout, a ride in Hitler’s lift to the summit of Kehlstein mountain for lunch at the notorious Eagle’s Nest, a tour of the remains of the Berghof, a sobering visit to Dachau, a visit to the Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism, dinner at the famous Hofbräuhaus where Hitler declared the Nazi agenda in 1920, a visit to Nuremberg and the Nuremberg Trials Memorial, a tour of the Richard Wagner Museum, a visit to Berlin’s Topography of Terror museum, a visit to Villa Wannsee, a visit to the restored air raid shelter of Gesundbrunnen, a visit to the Memorial to the German Resistance, and a walking tour of Berlin that visits the site of Hitler’s bunker as well as Brandenburg Gate.
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/17/Germany/The-Face-of-Evil.html


Poland at War

  • 8 days
  • 24 June - 1 July, 2019
  • £2,195pp
  • Led by Roger Moorhouse
  • Includes: A visit to the Westerplatte where the first shots of WWII in Europe were fired, a visit to Gdansk’s World War II museum, a visit to The Wolf’s Lair – Hitler’s former headquarters, a haunting visit to the Treblinka death camp, a visit to the National Military Museum, a tour of the Katyn Museum, a visit to the Rising Museum and Memorial, time at Krakow’s Wawel Castle as well as the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Cathedral, a visit to the extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, and finally a visit to Oskar Schindler’s former factory in Krakow
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/13/Poland/Poland-at-War.html


The Holocaust: Berlin & Krakow

  • 7 days
  • 29 July - 4 August, 2019
  • £2,295pp
  • Led by Roger Moorhouse
  • Includes: Visits to Villa Wannsee, the Holocaust Museum and its museum with the Room of Names exhibition, the Otto Weidt Museum, the moving Gleis 17 memorial, the Topography of Terror museum, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Oskar Schindler’s former factory, the site of a lesser-known concentration camp at Plaszow and the Galicia Museum; the chance to meet a witness to history who will share stories and memories with the group, and time to explore Berlin and Krakow independently
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/108/Germany/The-Holocaust-Berlin--Krakow.html


WWII on the Home Front: Secret Wartime Britain


Second World War in the Air: Dam Busters

  • 5 days
  • 6-10 September, 2019
  • £1,695pp
  • Led by Colonel Paul Beaver
  • Includes: A private visit to see a Lancaster Bomber up close, dinner joined by an officer from the BBMF, a visit to the International Bomber Command Centre, the Avro Heritage Museum, dinner with special guest Mary Stopes-Roe (daughter of Barnes Wallis, inventor of the bouncing bomb), a visit to the Möhne Dam and the Möhneseekatastrophe Memorial, a visit to the Eder Museum along with Eder Dam and Sorpe Dam, and a visit to the Ostönnen Memorial to the crew of “M for Mother”
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/111/UnitedKingdom/Second-World-War-in-the-Air-The-Dam-Busters.html


Jersey: Occupation & War Tunnels

  • 4 days
  • 16-19 September, 2019
  • £1,295pp
  • Led by John Peaty, the International Secretary and Committee member of the British Commission for Military History
  • Includes: Orientation tour of St. Helier, a visit to the War Tunnels, the Channel Islands’ Military Museum, a night-time bunker tour that visits at least three bunkers after dark with the chance to handle authentic WWII artefacts, the chance to hear islanders’ personal stories of life during the occupation, a visit to Corbiere Lighthouse, and free time to explore the wonderful island of Jersey
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/109/Jersey/Jersey-Occupation--War-Tunnels.html


The Women of SOE

  • 5 days
  • 20-24 September, 2019
  • £1,599pp
  • Led by Clare Mulley, an expert on the female agents of the SOE, who frequently lectures on the subject in universities, museums and festivals. She has made several television and radio appearances, including BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour and programmes for The History Channel. She writes and reviews for The Telegraph, The Spectator, BBC History Magazine and History Today
  • Includes: A visit to the SOE Memorial of Violette Szabo in London, a visit to Szabo’s old house, a tour of the sites associated with Krystyna Skarbek (Christine Granville) such as the Polish Hearth Club and Hotel Shelbourne where she was murdered after the war, the former SOE Headquarters on Baker Street, Eurostar travel to France to see a variety of sites associated with other SOE members, a visit to the Museum of Resistance, a visit to the Valencay SOE Memorial, and engaging lectures from Clare Mulley along the way
  • https://www.historicaltrips.com/tour/38/France/The-Women-of-SOE.html


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