IWM opening in May


10 April 2021
IWM Duxford opening properly in May IWM Duxford opening properly in May
The Imperial War Museum has launched a social media campaign to welcome back visitors to museums closed through the pandemic.

In the weeks leading up to the reopening of museums and galleries across the country, Imperial War Museums (IWM) has launched #MissingMuseums, a new social media campaign that asks what museum-goers have missed the most while doors to the UK’s best-loved cultural sites have remained shut.
From the sound of the Spitfire to seeing great works of art, the campaign shines a light on visitors’ most memorable museum moments through a series of photographs and stories shared across IWM’s social media channels. Using the hashtag #MissingMuseums, IWM is now encouraging other cultural organisations and influential figures to get involved as the country prepares for its favourite sites to reopen again this spring.
The campaign, which aims to build excitement for the UK’s museum sector, comes as IWM announced that from 19 May, visitors will be welcomed back to IWM London, IWM North, Churchill War Rooms and IWM Duxford, with HMS Belfast reopening in July following major redevelopments. The grounds only of IWM Duxford opened in April.
Across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, visitors looking forward to May have shared their excitement at being able to enjoy the things they have missed during closure, including seeing their favourite exhibits, learning something new and feeling a bit of normality return to everyday life.
Pete Austin, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at IWM, said, “For museum-lovers everywhere, this year has certainly been one that we won’t forget. Doors have been closed on an unprecedented scale, but with May approaching, our favourite spaces are about to reopen again. We can’t wait to welcome our visitors back to IWM from 19 May, but in the meantime, let’s get excited, show some love for all museums across the country, and share what you’ve missed the most.”​

Meanwhile, the various dismal exhibitions that IWM has been putting on have been extended, as follows.

Refugees: Forced to Flee at IWM London (until 13 June 2021)

A Face to Open Doors at IWM London (until 13 June 2021)

Life in a Camp at IWM London (until 13 June 2021)

History of Bombs by Ai Weiwei at IWM London (until 5 September 2021)

Wartime London: Art of the Blitz at Churchill War Rooms (until 12 September 2021)​

Aid Workers: Ethics Under Fire at IWM North (until 24 September 2021)​


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