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04 November 2021
Here are some of the events coming up at the NAM in Chelsea, London, for the month of December.

Irish Soldiers of WWI
3 December, 12 noon
In this free talk (Richard Grayson draws on new research to examine a range of aspects of Irish service in the war, from the high-profile involvement at Gallipoli, the Somme and Passchendaele to the often-neglected service of regular soldiers in the early years of 1914-15. Over 200,000 men from the Ireland served in the British military during WWI with around 35,000 losing their lives.  He will also explore the lives of soldiers after the fighting ended and consider how the war has been remembered and commemorated.
Cost: Free, but booking required

Brothers in Arms
9 December – 6 May
A free exhibition on the subject of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, an elite British tank regiment who fought across North-West Europe in the final stages of WWII. The Sherwood Rangers finished WWII with more battle honours than any other unit in the British Army having fought in North Africa and at the forefront from D-Day on 6 June 1944 until Victory in Europe (VE) Day in May 1945.
The exhibition focuses on eight men from the regiment who represent a cross-section of the personalities that made the Sherwood Rangers such a celebrated and successful armoured force.
Cost: Free

Our War: How the British Commonwealth Fought the Second World War
10 December, 12 noon
Join Christopher Somerville for this free talk as he reveals the stories of people across the British Commonwealth who served in WWII. The talk came about after Somerville spent over 25 years tracking down men and women of the British Commonwealth who had fought in WWII and captured their stories in their own words.
For some, the war meant medals and glory, pride and patriotism. For others, it meant racism and disillusionment. There was joy, too with laughter and camaraderie across nations, creeds and cultures, and pride in playing a part in the greatest effort in history to defeat an evil doctrine.
Cost: Free, but needs booking


Virtual Battlefield Tour: Balaklava
15 December, 7.30pm
If you enjoyed the cover feature on the Battle of Inkerman then have a look at this special virtual tour of the Balaclava battlefield, led by Crimean War expert, Patrick Mercer.
While most people have heard of the Crimean War battles, thanks to the political situation between the Ukraine and the occupying Russian forces, it’s impossible to visit. This virtual battlefield tour uses a blend of the latest technology and original artefacts to take you on the ground and explore how the Thin Red Line, the Charge of the Heavy Brigade and the Charge of the Light Brigade actually occurred. The guts, the mistakes and the tactics will be explained in a way that has never been done before.
Dr Alastair Massie will introduce items from the National Army Museum’s collections to illustrate the story and bring the events of the battle to life.
Cost: £10 (Members £8)