National Army Museum in October


Here’s what coming up at the NAM in Chelsea, London, during October, in addition to the normal galleries and displays.

Legacy of the Lionesses
4 October, 6pm, £5
Join curator Kirsty Parsons and Ali Brown, Vice President of the Women’s Royal Army Corps Association (WRAC), for a unique insight into the changing role of women in the Army.
With exclusive access to objects in the National Army Museum’s collection, you can discover how the WRAC affected contemporary conceptions of what it was to be a soldier. Visitors will also discover its impact on the role of women in the Army over time.
The WRAC Association celebrates its centenary this year. It is the longest-running association for women in the military, representing those who served from 1919 to the present day.

Government poster campaigns of WWII
11 October, 11:30am, free
David Bownes explores prominent government poster campaigns like Make Do and Mend and Careless Talk Costs Lives. The poster slogans of World War II helped to create a sense of shared endeavour during the darkest days of the conflict.
Poster historian David Bownes will reveal the stories behind the successful, and less successful, propaganda campaigns and how the government's approach changed in response to public opinion.
The talk will also explore the crucial role of émigré designers in shaping the visual language of the Home Front, questioning to what extent Britishness was redefined by the continental artists who had fled Nazi-occupied Europe.

Black Poppies
18 October, 11:30am, free
Historian Stephen Bourne explores the lives of black servicemen and Britain's black community during World War I.
Engaging and informative, this illustrated talk will feature stories of individual soldiers including Arthur Roberts, known as Scotland’s Black Tommy’; David Clemetson, the Army officer who rose through the ranks after refusing to lie about his race; and Trinidad’s George Roberts, a Sergeant in the Middlesex Regiment who campaigned after the war for better treatment of ex-servicemen.
It will also include the previously unpublished wartime letters of Jamaican siblings Norman, Douglas and Vera Manley.

Churchill’s German Army
24 October, 6pm-8pm, £5
Dr Helen Fry uncovers the story of the German and Austrian refugees, most of them Jewish, who fought for Britain in World War II.
During World War II, 10,000 German and Austrian refugees volunteered to fight for Britain. Over 90% of them were Jews who had fled Nazi repression. They served in dangerous operations behind enemy lines, on daring maritime raids and on top-secret intelligence duties. Others fought in major battles for the liberation of Europe, including the D-Day landings.
At the end of the war, they not only helped bring the perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice, but were involved in the reconstruction of post-war Europe and the restoration of democracy.
Fiercely loyal to Britain – the country that had saved their lives – these men and women became Churchill's German Army. Join Helen Fry for an insight into their story, based on eyewitness accounts and interviews with veterans.


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