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06 July 2021
Churchill inspired cocktail book, World War II and Holocaust gallery accompaniments and 11th installment of Wartime Classics set for publication by IWM this autumn.

Imperial War Museums (IWM) is looking forward to a bumper publishing season this autumn with six new book releases including an IWM cocktail recipe book, two new titles to accompany the opening of IWM London’s brand new World War II and Holocaust galleries, plus a charming Christmas children’s book based on the popular Santa in a Spitfire retail range.


To All the Living: an IWM Wartime Classic by Monica Felton

Publication date: September 2021

In January 1941 Griselda Green arrives at Blimpton, a place ‘so far from anywhere as to be, for all practical purposes, nowhere.’ Monica Felton’s 1945 novel gives a lively account of the experiences of a group of men and women working in a munitions factory during World War II. Detailing the challenges, triumphs and tragedies of a diverse list of characters, To All the Living provides a fascinating insight into this vital aspect of Britain’s home front and is the 11th addition to the much-loved Wartime Classics fictional series from IWM.


Words of War by Anthony Richards

Publication date: September 2021

In the vein of Letters of Note, this major book draws on IWM’s extensive documents collection, with handwritten correspondence illustrating each key moment and narrative of life in World War II, as experienced by the people who lived through it. The IWM documents collection is the largest of its kind in the world with regard to covering personal testimony of World War II, and Words of War is an intimate collection includes soul-searching from the pacifist AA Milne, letters home from evacuated children sent to Canada and recollections from the survivor of a U-Boat attack.


Total WarTotal War: A People’s History of the Second World War by Kate Clements, Paul Cornish and Vikki Hawkins

Publication date: October 2021

Published by Thames & Hudson in partnership with IWM, this innovative illustrated history of World War II is told with the help of personal stories from across the globe, specially commissioned maps and infographics, and previously unpublished images. Released to coincide with the opening of IWM London’s new Second World War galleries, Total War is an essential volume for anyone with an interest in how a wide range of people experienced one of the most significant wars in modern history.


The Holocaust by James Bulgin

Publication date: October 2021

Bringing together a wealth of archival material, including emotive objects and unique personal testimonies, this book is the perfect accompaniment to the opening of IWM London’s new The Holocaust galleries this October. The Holocaust will support readers in understanding these seminal events in global history, the impact of which continues today. Author James Bulgin has led the curation of IWM’s new The Holocaust Galleries.


Cocktail receipesChurchill’s Cocktails

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Publication date: October 2021

The perfect purchase for those who like to serve their highballs with a helping of history, Churchill’s Cocktails has been written in association with The Churchill Bar & Terrace at Hyatt Regency London - Churchill hotel and features 30 cocktail recipes, inspired by Winston Churchill. From a classic champagne cocktail with an orange twist in honour of his beloved Clemmie, to a Mediterranean-inspired tribute to Churchill’s travels on board the HMS Enchantress, each carefully selected recipe is accompanied by beautiful photography, taken in either the Churchill War Rooms or The Churchill Bar & Terrace, and interesting anecdotes and insights into the man beneath the bowler hat.


Santa's Spitfire ChristmasSanta’s Spitfire Christmas by Becky Benfield-Humberstone, illustrated by Benjamin James Carr

Publication date: October 2021

Inspired by IWM’s popular seasonal gift and decoration range, Santa’s Spitfire Christmas is a charming book, with over 20 hand-drawn full colour illustrations and featuring a story that will delight children and adults alike, with a special aircraft twist.





All titles will be available to purchase from the IWM online shop.


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