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23 January 2023
Military Historical Society has digitised the entire run of the Naval Historical Collectors & Research Association publication, The Review. The archive will be fully searchable on the MHS website.

The Naval Historical Collectors & Research Association (NHC&RA) was formed in 1988 to bring together and provide a forum for avid collectors of medals, badges, photographs and ships bells and also those interested in researching naval personnel, ships, battles and maritime social history. It also attracted family historians and retired Naval officers and ratings with an interest in their heritage. The Association published a much-respected quarterly journal called The Review which contained a wide range of articles on naval and maritime history from the 18th century to the present day and also medal rolls, casualty lists and so on. 

The NHC&RA was a non-profit making organisation and in many ways very similar to the Military Historical Society. As a consequence of a lack of volunteers to fill committee posts, and a decline in both members and the submission of articles for their publication in The Review, the Association folded in early 2015. The Military Historical Society recently acquired a complete run of all issues of and, with the blessing of former NHC&RA Committee members, these have all been scanned. 

With effect from 1 February 2023 these will be available through the Members’ section of the MHS website. As such they sit alongside the on-line archive of the MHS Bulletin, and the former IMHS journal Durbar, and are similarly word searchable. It is hoped that this valuable, fully accessible, archive, will be of considerable interest to existing MHS members and attract fresh nautical blood into the Society. Visit for further information and joining instructions. 




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