Night and day at the Tank Museum


14 October 2020
Tiger Day 14 at the museum in Bovington Tiger Day 14 at the museum in Bovington
The Tank Museum successfully hosted a brace of events in mid-September.

The museum in Bovington re-opened in the summer and was able to host two special events in September. First up was an evening for photographers, with ticket holders having exclusive close-up access to a range of tanks in The Tank Museum’s arena: all lit by LED lights supplied by specialist company, Threshold. The tanks on display spanned a century of armoured history, from the World War I Mark IV replica, all the way through to Challenger 1.

With no visitors present, ticket holders were able to take advantage of Threshold’s crisp white 5000K LED lights - which reduced glare and minimised shadows to get the perfect shot!

Threshold was launched in 2017 by aviation photography enthusiasts Andrew Morley and Paul Varcoe, who wanted to provide a truly unique photography experience to fellow aficionados. Paul Varcoe said, “Our number one mission has been to provide something enthusiasts usually can't get, while supporting operators and owners by raising money for their charities and trusts. We thought it would be a great idea to recreate our aviation photography events with military vehicles. What better place to start than The Tank Museum at Bovington!”

All the tanks were well spaced to guarantee visitor safety and to get some great shots. Night at The Tank Museum ran from 4:30pm–9:30pm.

Following that, The Tank Museum successfully hosted an increased audience for another COVID secure Tiger Day, on 18-19 September. 

Rosanna Dean, Events Manager commented, “With the lessons we learned from the re-opening of the Museum and Tiger Day 13, we were able to be more ambitious with Tiger Day 14.”

The Tank Museum was closed for three months and forced to cancel TANKFEST, its major annual fundraising event due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But careful planning and a range of new measures meant that the Museum was able to reopen in July and go-ahead with two Tiger Day events.

Rosanna added, “Capacity was increased from 500 to 1200, for Tiger Day 14 and our research showed that visitors still felt incredibly safe on-site, at what was a sell-out event. Knowing we had an operational plan that worked meant we were able to offer a longer vehicle display, access to the tank park to see the static vehicles and more talks in the arena. We expect Tiger day 15 to follow a similar format and can’t wait to see our Tiger fans back at the Museum again next April.”

Tickets for Tiger Day 15, on 24 April 2021 are available now and demand for the limited number of places is expected to be high. Go to Tiger Day 15 for tickets.

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