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29 June 2021
Read the story of the Operation Valkyrie, the audacious plan to kill Adolf Hitler and seize control of Germany from National Socialist fanatics as defeat loomed.

On the cover of this months issue of The Armourer – Operation Valkyire. Discover the facts behind the incredible plot to kill Hitler and take control of Germany from the Nazis.
Collecting the NSDAP Security Services – What’s on the collector’s market from the agencies that controlled Germany.
RAF London – A trip to the newly refurbished hangars of the RAF museum in north London.
Philip’s Macedonian Army – These were the changes to the Macedonian Army that Alexander the Great inherited and used to conquer ancient Greece.
Third Reich paramilitary daggers – Latest in the series tackles the showpiece daggers of the paramilitaries
The Raid on Kronstadt in WWI – The Royal Navy takes on the Bolshevik fleet just after WWI
Displaying your collection part 1 of 2 – Looking at the spaces available to show off your collection 
The 1904 Polar medal – The award for trips of exploration or science at the South Pole
The Fergusson Rifle – A rifle that was sent to the Colonies for combat testing
The British Klingenthal Blades – The mystery of British cavalry blades with markings from the French national factory.
Collecting the NSDAP Security Services – Tied in to the cover feature, here’s the militaria of the State’s various services.
The Republic of Vietnam campaign medal – An award to American, Australian and New Zealand troops in Vietnam.
CIA DEAR Pistol – A curious weapon designed by the CIA for use in occupied countries.
Photo Inspector – Examining the uniform of a volunteer soldier.

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