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27 April 2021
Read the story of the Second Battle of Arras where innovative techniques revolutionised moribund trench warfare and secured the greatest territorial gains of WWI.

Cover – The Second Battle of Arras in 1917 used innovative techniques and combined arms to achieve the biggest territorial gains after WWI became mired in trench warfare.
Collecting from the Battle of Arras – What’s on the collector’s market from the WWI battle.
Militaria shows 2021 – A roundup of what’s happening this summer.
Prince Philip at War – The Royal Navy career of the late Duke.
German military daggers – The ceremonial and functional daggers of the Heer, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.
Russian occupation of Alaska – Russian expansion in the far north runs into tribal opposition.
Crimean War helmet – A war trophy from the Battle of Inkerman under the spotlight.
Medal for the Battle of the Nile – Nelson’s prize agent rewards those who fought in the pivotal sea battle.
Battle of Hill 112 – One of the fiercest battles of the Normandy campaign in WWII.
The Rhodesia medal of 1980 – A medal awarded to those who helped police the transition from white minority rule.
The Jeffries family connection – A revolutionary sporting gun and the man who made it.
MBG: The Luger – The history of the famous German handgun and the markings on it.
Print Inspector – Taking a look at the uniform of a member of the 2Nd Life Guards.

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