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25 January 2022
Editor Duncan Evans talks through what you can come to expect from reading the March 2022 issue of The Armourer. On sale in most good newsagents 01.02.2022

Cover – Operation Anthropoid. The daring plan by the Czech government in exile to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, known as the Butcher of Prague and a key figure in implementing the Final Solution. Discover what happened and the appalling aftermath. 

French TAP50 webbing – The Cold War accoutrements of the key NATO ally.

Soviet women in WWII – Fighting on the Home Front while working to keep industry moving.

Battle of New Orleans – The last action of the War of 1812 took places just outside the city. Here’s the action and the weapons used.

Empress of India medal – To commemorate becoming head of state for India, Queen Victoria had this medal issued.

German rifle grenades – Being able to fire grenades over No Man’s Land into enemy trenches paid off in WWI.

Operation Tiger – It was a practice for D-Day but everything that could go wrong did so.

Collecting the SOE and security services – Discover the collectable militaria from the secret agency and the German security services.

The Manstopper cartridge – The attempt by the British Army to make its bullets more lethal.

Volkskarabiner Steyr – The story of a last-ditch weapon and its rare variant.

Castles of the crusades – How the Crusades to reclaim the Holy Lands changed developments of fortifications in Europe.

MBG: The Nepalese Brunswick Rifles – The development of the weapons now on the market.

The Print Inspector – Taking a look at the uniform of Colonel Welbore Ellis Doyle Doyle of the 14th Regiment.


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