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24 September 2021
Editor Duncan Evans talks through what you can come to expect from reading the November issue of The Armourer. On sale in most good newsagents 01.10.2021

Welcome: What the Editor has to say about this month’s issue as we look at the final push in Burma to defeat the Japanese on the ground in the Far East.

News: What’s happening in the world of militaria, museums, exhibitions, collections and events. This month there are talks at the National Army Museum, a military in film themed podcast and news of a militaria fair closing.

Militaria for sale: Lenny Warren takes a trip around the internet in search of rare, interesting and desirable collectables.

In the sale rooms: Discover what’s coming up for auction with a rare sword at Drewatts and all kinds of firearms at Rock Island Auctions.

The Fusilier’s Museum: Kerry Culbert heads for the Tower of London to discover the story of the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) from 1685 to the present day.

Under the hammer: Let’s have a look at what’s gone under the hammer in auction rooms, with some incredibly historic firearms from the era of the Wild West at Bonhams and medals, badges and helmets at Tennants.

West German 1960s webbing: In the next instalment of Ed Hallett’s six part series looking at the accoutrements of the NATO Allies in the Cold War, his attention turns to the vinyl set of West Germany.

Spotting Third Reich fakes: John C Pursley investigates into the often-deceptive and unscrupulous world of replicated German edged weapons. Here’s what you need to now to avoid expensive mistakes.

Battle of Tarawa: While British and Commonwealth forces were slogging through the jungles of Burma the Americans were capturing island chains in the Pacific. The Japanese claimed they could hold Tarawa for 100 years but it fell within four days of ferocious fighting.

Natal 1906 medal: Peter Duckers takes a look at the last Zulu War medal from Britain’s South African campaigns.

War Stories - Löthar Seifert: John C Pursley recounts the story of Löthar Seifert, a conscripted teenager who survived the hellish conditions in Allied PoW camps after the end of WWII.
Anglo-Nepal War: Graham Priest turns back the clock to a time when fearsome Gurkha warriors were facing the British Army, not with it.

The Vigneron SMG: In the post-war years Belgium’s army was equipped with weapons of the Allies but, in the early 1950s the desire to manufacture its own weapon was too strong to resist.

A Bedja shield: Robert Attard takes a look an artefact from the tribe of fearsome warriors that inhabited the Sudan, Eritrea and Egypt in Africa.

MBG: Bergmann pistols: John Walter continues the story begun in May 2021 with a look at what was widely called Construktion 96 (C 96) in Bergmann manuals and sales literature.

Swedish Brigade medal: Tim Heath takes a look at the history behind the rare Svenska Brigaden medal awarded to Swedes in the Finnish Civil War of 1918.

The Print Inspector: This month we have an original watercolour painting, by Richard Simkin, of Captain Sir Edward George Lambert Perrott. Ray Westlake examines it.

Victory in Burma: With superb generalship that fooled the Japanese at every stage, Bill Slim’s Fourteenth Army proved victorious in its 1944-45 reconquest of Burma. Graham Caldwell has the story.

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Collecting the Burma campaign: Edward Hallett turns his gaze to the jungles of Burma to see what is out there for collectors of the end game in the Far East.

Militaria reviews: Duncan Evans takes a look at the latest releases including the spectacular Total War, how the German war machine steamrollered Europe in Blitzkrieg, the Battle for Burma in photos, and Culloden from the Folio Society.

My militaria: We haven’t had one for a while so have a look at what one young collector has been up to with his fledgling collection.

Your Letters: Your comments on what you’ve been reading and doing. This month we’re discussing wound badges and how to best preserve your collection.

Auction & Fair Diary: Check out the online arrangements for the auctions where you can top up your militaria collection and what fairs will be opening.

Competition: Thanks to our friends at Thames & Hudson we have five copies of Total War: A People’s History of the Second World War up for grabs. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

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