Tankfest 2022 this summer


22 March 2022
Tankfest is back this summer Tankfest is back this summer
Tankfest makes a return to its familiar June dates for 2022 – but the lingering COVID threat means that some of the changes made for 2021 have been retained.


The Tank Museum’s Visitor Experience Manager Rosanna Dean said, “Even though the pandemic seems to be moving in a more positive direction we need to create our plans in such a way that ensures we can still go ahead with the event if things take a step backward.”

As in pre-covid times, Tankfest will be a three-day event, with the main vehicle display programme taking place on Saturday and Sunday. Friday will have more of a history festival feel, with a range of talks and presentations taking place across the site.

Chief among the retained changes from 2021 is the arena capacity cap, which means that the main arena programme on Saturday and Sunday will be again repeated twice each day. As a result, ticket holders will need to specify an AM or PM Arena session when they book their Saturday and Sunday tickets, just as they did in 2021.

Whilst the arena capacity for each arena session will be greater than the 2,500 permitted in 2021, at total maximum of 4,500 it will still be half of that seen at Tankfest in 2019. This means the venue will be able to comfortably accommodate visitors around the arena without it feeling overcrowded.

Rosanna said, “Visitor feedback from Tankfest 2021 showed that our visitors enjoyed a much better viewing experience as a result of our arena capacity, and enjoyed the more intense and concentrated vehicle display programme more than our pre-COVID programme.”

Nik Wyness, Head of Marketing at The Tank Museum, “Tankfest gives our visitors the chance to see a world-beating collection of running armour, including guest vehicles from other collections and a display from the British Army.”



Arena displays will include a living history battle, tank displays of World War II and Cold War armour and a display of British Army vehicles. A number of interesting guest vehicles are being lined up, to include a Sherman 51, AMX and Panhard AML. There are also hopes to bring in an OT90, Sherman Firefly, M10 and Hetzer. More to be announced in due course.

The Lecture stage programme is also being assembled, with Jesse Alexander of Real Time History/ The Great War YouTube Channel and Lance Geiger of The History Guy YouTube channel. Other speakers will be added to the programme which will be published on the event webpage.

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