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23 February 2021
Find out what's in April's issue of The Armourer

The Battle of Marston Moor – the pivotal battle in the north during the English Civil War that saw the Royalist forces trounced.

Arms and Armour of the English Civil Wars – the firearms, bladed weapons and armour used by both sides.

Wellington’s heavy cavalry – the organisation and uniforms of the dragoons used on the 18th century battlefield.

Operation Deadlight – what became of the German U-boat fleet when WWII ended?

Thompson at 100 – the centenary of the iconic SMG sees and exploration of its development for use in clearing trenches.

WWI grenades – collecting the portable explosives used in WWI.

War Story: The story of a Private from the Shropshire Yeomanry who won a Victoria Cross in the deserts of Palestine during WWI.

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Forgotten British Webbing – part three of the series moves on to the bizarre concept that was the 1940 Pattern Cavalry webbing.

Secret Nazi Project 5 – more tales from the archives now with the concept of blasting nets to clear minefields.

Siege of Seringapatam medal – one for collectors of all things East India Company as the siege of 1799 was rewarded with a very fine medal.

Photo inspector – more uniform examinations, this time with a religious flavour.

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