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21 December 2020
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The Battle of Anzio – cover feature, Italy campaign WWII. They were the landings and operation that could have shortened the war in Italy but lack of resources and military blunders meant the opportunity was wasted.

Armies of the Japa-Sino War. The armies of Japan and China clash at the turn of the 20th century that defined Japan as a major military power.

Battle of Borodino – the France v Russia battle in the Napoleonic Wars that was one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

Home Guard Auxiliaries – the secret units that had 14 days to disrupt German invaders.

Home Front feature. John Anderson’s Jackhammer – an automatic shotgun that history forgot about until it’s futuristic styling cause it to be used in Far Cry, FPS shooter.

WWI trench warfare weapons – the items that were used by troops to bludgeon each other to death. Collecting feature

Sword from Prestonpans – The story of a sword that was used in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 at the battle.

1919 Pattern Naval webbing. Part 1 of 3 series on forgotten British Empire webbing used in WWII. First up, Naval pattern.

Secret Nazi Projects 3 – Nazi plans to put two bullets into one cartridge to save on materials.

National Trade Competition Decorations – very attractive Nazi award for Hitler Youth in 1938/39 and everyone in 1944

Print Inspector – uniform from just before the Great War.

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