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27 April 2021
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Cover – Sink the Bismarck! The story of the Royal Navy’s hunt for and eventual sinking of the pride of the Kriegsmarine, the Bismarck

British Army in Crimea – the organisation and uniforms of the British Army

The US Marine Raiders – an elite unit within the US Marine Corps, based on the British Commandos

The sinking of the SS Aud Norge – The sneaky German plan to send weapons to Ireland during WWI is thwarted

German dress swords and daggers – the decorative edged weapons of the Third Reich

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The Iraq medal – The between-wars medal for service in the newly created state

Home Service helmets and badges – The new British Army headdress of 1878

The lost bayonet – Now in this country, it’s the story of a bayonet that travelled to America and was used in the War of the Austrian Succession

Navy collectables – all the militaria from the hunt to sink the Bismarck Anti-tank rifle Lahti L-39 – The Nordic heavyweight weapon

Trafalgar medals – lesser known medals awarded to ratings and participants in the pivotal battle Photo Inspector – another uniform explained Warsaw Cross medal story – How a Polish woman served on the German railway before ending up at Aushwitz

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