The Armourer - March Issue now on sale


02 February 2021
Find out what's in March's issue of The Armourer
The Armourer - March Issue now on sale Images

The Battle of the Somme, in colour. The epic WWI campaign that was launched to take the pressure off the French at Verdun and gave the British a chance to put their New Army into the field. It achieved its strategic objectives but at an appalling cost.

Operation Foxley - As if the attempts on his life by his own side weren’t enough, the British also had secret plans to assassinate the Führer in Operation Foxley. 

RAF 1925 Pattern webbing - It’s the next in Ed Hallett’s series on forgotten British Empire webbing used in WWII, this time casting an eye over what those in the RAF were wearing. 

Japanese Pedersen rifles - Michael Heidler reveals the experimental Japanese copies of the Pedersen semi-automatic rifle. 
Faithful Service Decorations - Hitler had a medal for everything, and that included being in a job, that served the German people, for a long time. 

Siege of Seringapatam - Graham Priest explores the events of the 4th Anglo-Mysore War in 1799 which led to a siege and conflict with the East India Company. 

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Navajo Code Talkers - It was an extraordinarily complex and unwritten language, with no alphabet or symbols, only spoken on Navajo land. 

Military sheet music covers - At one time an evening’s entertainment consisted of gathering around a piano for a sing-song.

Secret Nazi Projects 4: Incendiary bombs - Michael Heidler reports on the secret plan by the Waffen-SS to make use of unexploded incendiary bombs.

MBG: The Reichgewehr 88 - The introduction of the French Lebel rifle caused consternation in Germany so a rival weapon was demanded. The result was the hybrid Mauser-Mannlicher rifle, as John Walter explains.

The Photo Inspector - Ray Westlake looks at a bass drummer of the 2nd Home Counties Field Ambulance.

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