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25 March 2021
Find out what's in May's issue of The Armourer

Cover – Battle for Greece. The last British ally in Europe comes under a joint Italian and German onslaught. Britain was obliged to help but it all came to nothing with the swastika being raised over the Acropolis in Athens.

Das Reich in Normandy – The Waffen-SS Division was an elite, hard fighting unit but when transferred from the Eastern Front it committed a series of appalling war crimes in France.

WWI headgear for collectors – When cloth caps gave way to steel helmets and what to look for when collecting.

The Arctic Medal – A series of highly collectable medals, this time looking at the trip that inspired Ridley Scott’s The Terror.

The Thompson SMG at 100 pt2 – The second part of our look at the iconic SMG.

Percussion pistols, development and use – When the percussion pistol replace the flintlock.

Battle of Assaye 1803 – More tales of the future Duke of Wellington in the sub-continent.

Collecting from the Battle for Greece – All the uniforms and gear you can collect from the campaign.

The German National Sports Badge – An affordable Third Reich award for physical fitness.

Print Inspector – Another period uniform is examined

Stalin’s Airborne Gamble – Stalin ignored the lessons of Crete and Operation Market Garden with predictable results.

MBG: The forgotten inventor.

Bolingbroke Castle – Visiting the ruins of the birthplace of King Henry IV.

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