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22 February 2022
Editor Duncan Evans talks through what you can come to expect from milestone issue of The Armourer. On sale in most good newsagents 01.03.2022

What the Editor has to say about this month’s issue as the Third Reich finally came to an apocalyptic end with Berlin in ruins as the Red Army crushed the last vestiges of resistance by a rag tag of Wehrmacht, Volkssturm and Waffen-SS units. 

What’s happening in the world of militaria, museums, exhibitions, collections and events. This month there’s news of a Dambuster group of medals, a new award for Afghanistan and the launch of IWM Live.

Militaria for sale
Lenny Warren takes a trip around the internet in search of rare, interesting and desirable collectables.

In the sale rooms
Here's a look at what's coming up for auction with helmets, uniforms, daggers and ephemera at Ratisbon's. Some of the lots have never been on the market before.

York Castle Museum
Kerry Culbert heads for a museum which offers a recreated Victorian street, a Georgian prison and a gallery dedicated to 1914, including objects and stories from WWI, as well as a selection of classic arms and armour.

Under the hammer
Let’s have a look at what’s gone under the hammer in auction rooms, with medals and classic armour at Hermann Historica; important medal groupings at DNW; and German militaria at C&T Auctioneers.

ATS at war
Willow Fitzgerald relates the story of how women served with the British Army during WWII, freeing up manpower needed for the frontlines.

Dawn of war photography
In the first of three articles, John Wade reveals the cameras and photographic processes used to document war, starting with the Crimean War and included the trenches of WWI.

Regimental insignia 1751 to 1914
Ray Westlake is your guide to the badges of the Royal Scots, the British Army’s most senior infantry regiment of the line.

Nelson’s surgeons
19th century British sailors fought brutal battles and suffered severe injuries but received treatment far superior to civilians, as Mark Wood explains.

Dunbar 1650 medal
Peter Duckers investigates what could be classified as the very first British campaign medal, created to celebrate Parliament’s decisive victory over the Scottish royalist army at Dunbar.

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Hitler night guard pistol
Michael Heidler asks whether this weapon that allegedly came from Hitler’s guard unit is a rarity or fantasy piece.

The Saxon army of Alfred the Great
Gabriele Esposito outlines the structure of the Saxon military forces that held off the Vikings from AD 871-899.

Silent but deadly
Michael Heidler takes a look at the suppressed M3/M3A1 SMG that was inspired by the British Sten gun with a silencer.

The Photo Inspector
Ray Westlake looks at the uniform and insignia of a Colour Sergeant of the 24th London Regiment (Territorial Force).

The Battle for Berlin
From the River Oder and the Seelow Heights to the desperate street fighting, Graham Caldwell describes the last days of the Third Reich.

Collecting the battle
Ed Hallett is your guide to collecting items of militaria from the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, Volkssturm and Waffen-SS units defending Berlin.

Militaria reviews
Duncan Evans takes a look at the latest releases including a glossy guide to the Ancient Greeks at War, the inner circle in Hitler’s Court, images from the onslaught in The Fall of Berlin and the second volume of The Complete Knight’s Cross.

Your Letters
Your comments on what you’ve been reading and doing. This month we’re discussing the artwork of Bruce Bairnsfather, prisoners of war and where you can see the EM2 rifle in person.

Auction & Fair Diary
Check out the online arrangements for the auctions where you can top up your militaria collection and what fairs will be opening.

Thanks to our friends at Pen and Sword we have three sets of prizes up for grabs for three lucky winners. They will each get a copy of The Battle of Berlin, Hitler’s Court and The Fall of Berlin.


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