The Forbidden Zone


27 October 2020
The Forbidden Zone by Jon Gliddon The Forbidden Zone by Jon Gliddon
A new thriller by Jon Gliddon tells a story of African diamonds, Nazi smugglers and bloody revenge.

In the build-up to WWII diamonds were essential for the precision manufacturing of military equipment. Britain, Nazi Germany, Europe, America and Japan were all preparing for war. However, with the Wall Street crash of 1929, the majority of diamond mines had been closed, causing a critical shortage. In 1939 the scramble for smuggled and illicitly mined diamonds was unprecedented, particularly from Africa.  Britain and the Union of South Africa were at the forefront of protecting the mines and breaking the smuggling rings supplying Nazi Germany. It was violent, bloody and personal - a race against time.
Harvey Tremayne, a Cornish mining engineer from Camborne School of Mines, works for the world’s largest diamond mining company in South West Africa. He is tasked with thwarting an imminent attack by the Nazis to steal diamonds. But more important to him, he's seeking revenge for the murder of his wife. His search takes him to places even more dangerous than the terror-filled trenches of his World War I service. In the process, he is drawn into the shadowy world of the British Secret Service. They are hunting the same enemy but for a different reason.

Find yourself hooked on every word as this trailblazing novel hurls you across Africa with daring adventure and characters. And with a twist in the tail in the diamond rich Forbidden Zone in the scorching Namib Desert.


  • The Choir Press
  • ISBN 978-1-7896-3160-9
  • Released: 13 November 2020
  • 232 pages. Paperback. £7.99




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