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06 November 2018
Heads-of-State_web-79166.jpg Politicians and scoundrels revealed
Jack J. Kański has written two concise, illustrated books exploring the roles of the key leaders during World War II.
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Jack J. Kański has written two concise, illustrated books exploring the roles of the key leaders during World War II  and their contributions to the shape of the conflict and its outcome.

Following on from the first five books in his A Concise Outline series, Jack Kański has now written about  the influential individuals from Great Britain, the USA and the Soviet Union, amongst others. In Military Commanders of WW2 readers will learn about their background  and the role  that  they  played  on the battlefield. In World War Two: Heads of State, Politicians and Collaborators Kański divides the information into three parts: firstly describing heads of state such as Roosevelt and Emperor Hirohito, before moving on to other politicians such as Churchill and Reynaud, and finally concluding with important collaborators during the period.

“These books are designed as companion texts and when read together will give readers a good understanding of the important people and their contributions,” explained Kański. “I hope that the readers will finish reading with a good knowledge of both military and non-military leaders during the Second World War.”

Lavishly accompanied by many colour images, Kański’s latest books will act as an introduction for the general reader interested in World War II. “The A Concise Outline series is designed to be reader-friendly and to provide a stepping stone for readers to pursue topics of interest in more detailed texts,” concluded Kański.

Military Commanders of WW2

ISBN: 978-1-7880-3291-9


WW2: Heads of State, Politicians and Collaborators

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ISBN: 978-1-7890-1310-8



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