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10 March 2021
New book details the 12-SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend in Normandy.

A new release from Fonthill Media offers a detailed combat history of the elite 12-SS Panzer Division during the Normandy campaign, from June to early September 1944.

Established in 1943, the 12th SS-Panzer Division was designed to become an elite unit formed by ‘… a generation of future soldiers, tough as leather and hard as Krupp steel’ and commanded by a nucleus of hardened SS officers and NCOs. This is the detailed history of the division from its formation all through the Normandy campaign where it received its baptism of fire. Although employed in the field for the first time, those young soldiers fought with a tenacity and ferocity unexcelled by any other unit Allied or German deployed on the invasion front, defending doggedly every single yard of ground from Caen to Falaise, a distance of just 25 miles, over which the Canadians and British fought, paying a high price in blood.

The Division’s commanding officer, SS-Oberführer Kurt Meyer said, “I know every single one of these grenadiers. The oldest is barely eighteen. These boys have not yet learned how to live, but by God they know how to die.”

The book features:
•    The full and detailed combat history of the 12-SS Panzer Division’s epic struggle through Normandy.
•    Riveting first-hand accounts of small unit actions based on war diaries and dramatic personal accounts.
•    List of the division’s highly decorated members for actions committed in the field of battle, complete Orders of Battle and Combat Organisation tables.
•    Beautifully illustrated with high-quality photographs and plans from the author’s personal collection.

It is released on 25 March and costs £35 in hardback format.



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