The Truth About Rudolf Hess


14 November 2018
The-Truth-About-Rudolf-Hess-PR-51275.jpg The Truth About Rudolf Hess updated
James Douglas-Hamilton has brought up to date his classic work in a new paperback edition.

James Douglas-Hamilton has brought up to date his classic work The Truth About Rudolf Hess in a new paperback edition.

In it he analyses the recent substantial release of Foreign Office documents concerning Hess and looks at how Germany came to terms with its wartime past. Despite a clutch of conspiracy theories put forward over the years about one of the most bizarre events of World War II, the author remains convinced that the evidence shows that Hess was not a victim but a perpetrator. The Deputy Führer’s astonishing and unauthorised solo flight was simply a personal but deluded attempt to broker a peace deal so that his leader Hitler would not have to flight on two fronts, with his planned attack on Russia.

The latest tranche of previously secret government files examined in the book show how determined the government was to disprove the claim that the man imprisoned in Spandau Prison was not in fact Hess but was a double. They also cast light on the reasons for the Russian authorities’ implacable determination that Hess should never be released.

The author’s research shines a spotlight on the important part played in the Hess saga by his consultant Albrecht Haushofer. An academic and an Anglophile, his desperate decision to stay in the Third Reich and then to throw in his lot with those planning Hitler’s downfall, led Haushofer to a terrible fate.

  • RRP: £14.99
  • ISBN: 978-1-5267-4238-4
  • 384 PAGES


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