War in the Pacific


30 July 2019
Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific, 1944-1945 Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific, 1944-1945
Implacable Foes, the story of the war in the east after victory in Europe, is about to be released in paperback form.

Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific, 1944-1945 is a comprehensive work of military history in which award-winning historians Waldo Heinrichs and Marc Gallicchio bring to life the final year and a half of World War II in the Pacific. They combine historical accounts of grand strategy and on-the-ground soldiers’ stories to craft a gripping battle narrative, taking readers from the island-hopping campaigns in the spring of 1944 to the dropping of the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.
Following Victory in Europe Day on May 8, 1945, American citizens understandably clamoured for their young men to be sent home after the defeat of Nazi Germany. However, for the Allies, the war was only half-won. Exhausted but exuberant soldiers were not sent home, but to join the fighting in the Pacific, which by the spring and summer of 1945 had turned into a gruelling campaign of bloody attrition against an enemy determined to fight to the last man. Germany had surrendered unconditionally. The Japanese would clearly make the conditions of victory extraordinarily high.
Implacable Foes reveals more fully than ever before the Japanese policies of desperate defence, the toxic political debates on the home front, detailed narratives of battles in the Pacific, and a provocative, revisionist discussion of American military decisions. Heinrichs and Gallicchio have created an unmatched historical text in Implacable Foes, one that illuminates both the sweeping scale of global war, and the incalculable tragedy of individual sacrifices. It goes on sale on 22 August.

  • Oxford University Press
  • ISBN 978-0-1909-3152-0
  • 728 pages. Paperback. £14.99


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