When the Shooting Stopped: August 1945


12 February 2022
When the Shooting Stopped - August 1945 When the Shooting Stopped - August 1945
Victory in Japan Day (VJ Day) on August 15, 1945 officially marked the end of World War II, but conflict continued throughout the month.

This fascinating book retells those dramatic events of August 1945, drawing on accounts from all sides to relive the days when the war finally ended and the world was forever changed. Rumours wafted on global winds throughout the first half of August 1945: Tokyo was on the brink of surrendering; Tokyo was sure to fight to the bitter end. Contrary to popular perception, the war did not conclude with the dropping of two atomic bombs. On the very day that the second atomic bomb began its ominous descent over the city of Nagasaki, a Soviet juggernaut was steamrolling into Japanese-occupied Manchuria in Operation August Storm – a campaign that continued until the third week of August and cost tens of thousands of lives.


Despite the negotiations, dogfights and naval engagements continued – a mixture of poor communication and desperate hardliners. When the Shooting Stopped reveals the bloody truth of that final month of the war when neither war nor peace was certain.


  • Osprey Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-4728-4898-7
  • £25. Published 14 April 2022



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