Winning a war today


A series of panels, debates and presentations with a variety of experts discusses war in the 21st century.

This year marks the 75th anniversaries of VE Day, VJ Day and the dropping of the atomic bomb, which collectively are some of the most pivotal moments of victory in history. But in today’s context, as on-going conflicts descend into drawn out endgames, what does it really mean to win a war and what challenges are faced when it comes to peace building? These are the questions central to Reimagining Victory, a new digital series that explores the state of war and peace in relation to twenty-first century conflict.
Reimagining Victory sees leading journalists, peace builders, artists and academics question the concept of victory, with speakers including psychologist and author Steven Pinker; former President of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos; the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent Lyse Doucet; Channel 4’s International Editor Lindsey Hilsum; and Jonathan Powell, negotiator of the Good Friday Agreement.
Filmed discussions and debates will examine the changing nature of peace and conflict in the digital age; the binary notions of winners and losers in relation to war; and the creative ways societies build peace in the wake of violent conflict.
Created by the IWM Institute in partnership with Conciliation Resources, this series will be free to view via Imperial War Museums’ YouTube channel from 30 June 2020. In addition to the filmed panels, videos will be enhanced by an interactive digital gallery, in-depth articles, music playlists and reading lists. Provided by symposium speakers, this additional content will enable viewers to explore more deeply the ideas and issues raised during conversations.​


The following panels, debates and conversations, which form part of Reimagining Victory, will be available to watch for free on 30 June 2020 via

Understanding Victory Today
Keynote: Steven Pinker (psychologist and author)

Steering a Country to Peace – a series of Talking Heads
Interviewer: Ritula Shah (BBC Radio 4)
Guests: Juan Manuel Santos (former President of Colombia and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner), Martin Griffiths (UN Special Envoy for Yemen), Miriam Coronel-Ferrer (Filipino Peace Negotiator)

Mission accomplished? Victory in the age of endless wars
Chair: Lyse Doucet (BBC, Chief International Correspondent)
Panel: Jonathan Powell (diplomat), Margaret MacMillan (historian), Tarak Barakawi (LSE, Professor of International Relations)

Healing from War: Peace building after Conflict
Chair: Fergal Keane (BBC journalist)
Panel: Dr Rachel Clogg, (Conciliation Resources), Sir Simon Wessely (psychiatrist)

Understanding Interventionism – Debate: The West Should Not Use Military Force to Prevent Mass Atrocities
Chair: Lindsey Hilsum (Channel 4 News, International Editor)
For: Sanam Naraghi Anderlini MBE (International Civil Society Action Network, CEO) 
Against: David Aaronovitch (The Times)

Cyber Warfare – Debate: Cyber Warfare Is A Threat to Peace
Chair: Rosamund Urwin (The Sunday Times)
For: Kim Zetter (journalist)
Against: Thomas Rid (political scientist)

The Northern Ireland Troubles – Dramatic Reading from 24 Hours of Peace
Introducers: Neil Bartlett (playwright) and Jonathan Cohen (Conciliation Resources)




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