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29 September 2021

While there’s a tendency to focus on the shocking loss of ships in the Falklands War, where modern missiles wreaked havoc with stationary vessels, the fighting on the ground was almost as intense, especially at Mount Longdon. This then, is the story of that battle, told by author James O’Connell, who fought there with 3 Para. To tell the story he revisited the battlefield in the company of old soldiers from both sides and used the Battalion’s diaries and radio log books. It starts with advancing from Port San Carlos, setting up and advance base and moving on Mount Longdon, which overlooks Port Stanley.

After a brief description of the battle plan it’s right into the fighting, which is told with quotes from the people doing the fighting. As the bullets rain down on the Paras and they start taking casualties, the full horror of warfare is laid bare. I can’t think of any other book that tells the story of a battle using so many voices of the soldiers involved and adding the stories of the Argentinians simply adds to the experience. It’s a long, emotionally draining, but graphic and brutal recollection of the pivotal battle.

  • Monoray Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-9131-8359-2
  • 468 pages. Hardback. £25



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