Ancient Rome Infographics


11 February 2022
Ancient Rome Infographics Ancient Rome Infographics

Here’s your chance to see the world of the Roman Empire through the magic of graphic design. The sections covered range from the people and places; include the government, religion and economy; and conclude with the Legions, war at sea and campaigns on land. The introduction narrows the scope down a little to make the data more reliable, so it’s essentially 900 years of the Western Empire. The first interesting graphic is that showing the expansion and reach of Rome from its founding up to 200CE, at which point it ruled over 46 million people.

There’s all kinds of visualisations here, some of which is easy to read and digest, others which need deciphering like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Still, a hugely impressive effort and fascinating reading.  

  • Thames & Hudson
  • ISBN 978-0-5002-5262-8
  • 134 pages. Hardback. £20



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