Armies of the Hellenistic States


25 November 2020
Armies of Hellenistic States Armies of Hellenistic States
This book provides a complete and detailed analysis of the organization and equipment employed by the armies of the Hellenistic States.

Following on from his entertaining look at the armies of Rome, Gabriele turns his eye to the Hellenistic States, which means starting with Alexander the Great and the Macedonian empire. It aims to cover the history, organisation and equipment of the nations of the period, from 323BC to 30AD. After the death of Alexander, his generals carved up the empire into their own little fiefdoms so the book looks at Macedon, Seleucid Empire, Ptolemaic Egypt, Greco-Bactrian Kingdom, Armenia, Pergamon, the Achaean League and more.

It’s rife with history, so not just a dry list of units, though there’s plenty of that. For the dedicated re-enactor or wargamer, it’s packed with information. Production standards are very high, with glossy colour photos throughout, making this an indispensible guide to armies of the period

  • Pen and Sword
  • ISBN 978-1-5267-3029-9
  • 162 pages. Hardback. £19.99



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