Assault on the Gothic Line 1944


18 September 2023
Assault on the Gothic Line 1944 Assault on the Gothic Line 1944

By August 1944 the Allies had landed in Normandy, the Soviets were engaged in Operation Bagration but fighting still continued in northern Italy. So here’s Campaign 387 which details the Allied attempts to break through the Gothic Line. There’s a look at the commanders and the order of battle for both sides, then we’re off to the campaign itself, with excellent strategic maps, photos and illustrations. For individual battles there are renderings of the terrain showing how some of the fighting took place in thick woods while others were in built-up urban areas and over rivers. There’s an interest analysis of the aftermath and a word about battlefield tourism to follow. It’s an attractive and interesting account of an often overlooked campaign.

  • Osprey Publishing
  • ISBN 978-1-4728-5014-0
  • 98 pages. Softcover. £16.99



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