Blood and Iron


28 June 2021
Katja Hoyer describes the genesis of the German state.

To those not au fait with German history, the notion that it wasn’t a unified country until 1871 might come as a surprise. There were 39 individual states, of varying sizes, like the Prussians and Bavarians, that Otto von Bismarck convinced to unify under one Kaiser, one Germany. This then is the story of the tumultuous years from formation to the end of WWI in 1918. It details how Germany changed from a mainly rural population to cities packed with low-paid workers living in dire conditions, while greedy capitalists made hay and the aristocracy looked on in fear. Everything that makes up the German psyche today was there in the melting pot of state formation, revolution and war. If the author panders to academia from time to time, by quoting other historian’s opinions, then this can be excused because of the way that Katja lays the German soul open to examination.

  • The History Press
  • ISBN 978-0-7509-9622-8
  • 260 pages. Hardback. £14.99



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